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So I've been doing some writing for work - at workplaces, for caseworkers, I feel that "the first hit is free" - I have to show I can produce quality training material before I can ask them to let me develop it on company time. (Also, this means I can legitimately claim copyright on these first attempts if they're not good for the company's needs. "Work for hire" is always copyrighted to the person who pays for the writing.)

It's been busy and difficult, but I'm learning some wiki-stuff that I think will help. And I'm learning to break ideas down in a mind-mapping way - interconnecting ideas so that I don't have to explain file structure of SQL Server while explaining index defragmentation - just link to the right section.

My hip - folks, if you have a locked up hip, find a good massage therapist. I found one worth my weight in gold (I weigh a lot more than her!). She can take what I tell her about my pains and inflexibility, and translate it to muscles, and then work them. She also has experience relaxing core muscles - there are some fearsome-strong muscles that connect your ribs and spine to your hip, and if your hip is all twisted up, they are probably tensed and maybe shortened.

Each time I felt I was making progress (but in pain) I'd see her, and suddenly the progress I was making felt locked in, and, I had more freedom of movement. In the past few months, I've made more progress that I could be absolutely certain of than in the year before that.

I think that's because there's only so long you can make yourself uncomfortable before you start shying away from it, and go back to the twisted, but not-painful, posiitons.

Trump's still President, but, folks, I'd ask you all to spread the meme: We *said* this was going to happen. Not Trump voters, of course, and more importantly, not Republicans. We said this was going to happen, it was obvious it was going to happen, and while Republicans tried to show some separation from him, none of the Republicans who mattered came out and said "you shouldn't vote for him." They put their nation at risk because they wanted the prize - being able to yank health care from 20+ million people, and deliver huge tax cuts to millionaires.

The Republicans as a party have gone off their rocker, and their tacit support of Trump is proof. They need to stop the wholesale slander of Democrats and liberals, and start admitting that there are complicated issues that need more than tax cuts and deregulation to solve.

I hope life is treating you all well - I miss you when I'm tired and busy.

Date: 2017-05-17 05:45 pm (UTC)
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Ah, yes. Injury-induced muscle atrophy. My old nemesis. I hate that.

My neck will get progressively more locked-up, and refuse to crack, and by the time it does the muscles will have atrophied. Which means I get to have fun gently stretching them out again to regain range of motion. And then the whole cycle starts all over again. Sympathies. I'm glad you found a good Chrio, though. I can't let one touch my neck, these days, but I could use a good one for my back, these days.

Glad to hear you're making progress on the techwriting front. I miss writing. Maybe one of these days, I'll do it again.

Trump...yeah. He's certainly managed to live down to (and even exceed) our expectations. Here in Trumpland, folks simply tune out everything that's not Fox News, and repeat the propaganda line that it's all "Fake News" by the heathen Liberals who want to destroy the country and give all their hard-earned stuff to dark-skinned people and the lazy poor. After all, what's wrong with Russians? They're White, after all. "And would you look at what they're doing to those poor monuments in New Orleans? How shameful! After all, those are works of art! They're history! They belong to the public! What more proof does one need as to how awful and insane those godless and honor-less Liberals are! To destroy such glorious works of art which honor the heritage and history of so many good and respectable people in the South, all for the sake of political correctness and the denial and erasure of history! That is what should be being covered all over the news! Not this ridiculous witch hunt by liberal politicians who will do and say anything to try and smear President Trump because they simply cannot stand the fact that he's making America great again!" Followed by climbing back into their gasoline-powered golf car (calling them 'golf carts' is now passe, I'm told,) with the "Trump - Pence" and "BENGAZI" bumper stickers plastered on the back, and roaring-off to McDonalds for a Senior Discount coffee, then home to yell at the television until dinner.

Believe me, they aren't changing their minds about Trump anytime soon. They're afraid to even think about anything outside their safe, comfortable bubble.

But, for the rest of us, the world goes on. And I'm actually starting to have a bit of faith that the metaphorical ship will actually manage to right itself yet.

Hoping that life will treat you well, and the universe will only send good fortune your way for the foreseeable.

Date: 2017-05-30 12:40 pm (UTC)
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Pain doc visit today, and since for once we didn't coordinate schedules and Cassie isn't my driver, I get no shots. Kind of sucks, because I was really hoping for them to do my shoulder and hips again but maybe next time.

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