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I love that recreational marijuana is legal here in Washington. THC has been a big help to me with managing my physical issues, though I do my indulging with edibles, in general. And I'm not telling you how to live your life, or how to present yourself in public. But.

Smoking gets into your clothes. Seriously. This wasn't a myth by non-smokers (of tobacco) to torment smokers with. Get yourself some smoking clothes. No, I'm really not kidding - it's a suggestion, not an order, but it is a sincere suggestion; I'm sure there are some classic outfits, comfortable and easy to throw on/off. Or... maybe if a guy can tell you're a smoker the moment you get on the bus, it's just *vaguely* possible that you're doing it too much.

Not saying it is - just raising the possibility.

And no, I'm not saying it to you, to your face, because that's not my style - there could be reasons you can't change, and I'm not going to try to make a person feel bad if they are caught in a bad situation. But I am thinking it, and I'm sure everyone within half a bus length would agree that if you can try to keep your clothes from reeking, you'll be far more comfortably accepted anywhere that you can't be sure everyone else is a fellow smoker.

Date: 2017-03-11 10:47 am (UTC)
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When I moved up to Boston after spending two years regrouping in my parents' house, I packed all my off-season (winter) clothes into a box and left them there for a month while I stayed with a friend and apartment-hunted with roommates.

My parents were, at the time, heavy tobacco smokers. (Dad finally stopped when the doctor prescribed the Chantix medication and behavior modification schedule. Mom cut down.)

When we found a place, I got the tiny room (hurray for loft beds) plus the hall closet. I unpacked my boxes and all of the clothes REEKED. I'd gotten used to living away from smokers.
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Date: 2017-03-23 04:29 am (UTC)
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Kiting-in late, because I'm reading rarely because of the chronic pain issues:

Not to mention that those of us who are asthmatic will thank you.

I'm not anti-smoker. I'll move upwind whenever I can, so that I don't have to ask the smoker to move or put out their butt/joint/whatever. But while I can cope with tobacco smoke if I have to, pot smoke will put me in the E.R. faster than you can say THC. Even if it's just the reek from the resin coming off the clothes. This isn't special snowflaking. It actually happens. You should see what happens when someone hitting a joint exhales and I unwittingly walk into the cloud. I don't make all sorts of fuss about it. I just stop breathing, and kind of collapse, a few steps down the sidewalk.

The clothes-reek doesn't hit me that hard, or that quickly. But it will hammer me, and I'll have trouble breathing for hours, and then off and on for the next day or two.

So...yeah. I'm thrilled that it's legal and all where y'all live (it's certainly not here. We're fighting with our state legislature to just get access to the medicinal use that we voted in and they tried to block us from (only the oil is legal to possess, here, and they tried to keep it illegal to obtain or grow — so you could possess it, but couldn't get it.) but folks having smoking clothes and not wearing them in public makes my life a helluva lot easier and more enjoyable. 'Nuff said.

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