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Today is a day of remembrance but I don't have much to say about that. Many people fight bravely - for good causes and bad - and for those that chose to join the battle for any noble reason deserve honor if they fight honorably. While it's right and good to honor the memory of those who fought in the stupid great-insanity that is war, today is not a day I have the energy to talk about it... is there any day where there are words that can make the point as it needs to be made?

But today was a day for resting and that's mostly what I did. I visited Portland on Saturday, driving back Sunday, so I'd have today to recover for work tomorrow. Since it is a traditional cookout holiday, I also supplied myself to hold a kind-of celebration of that in my home.

I don't eat hot dogs often any more - but once in a while, baking them in an oven so they swell up and brown a bit, and then the fun of feeling them burst a bit while biting into them is fun. I usually buy 8-to-the-pound hot dogs so I can hold them up side by side and ask why hot dogs come 8 to the pack, and hot dog rolls come 8 to a pack! You see, there was an old joke - hot dogs used to come 10 to a pack - maybe they still do! - because they were 10 to a pound, and meat is sold in pounds, but rolls are sold in dozens, so 8 was a fine roll count (3 packs are two dozen).

I used to buy the larger hot dogs - 8 to a pound - so I could subvert that joke. But I now notice that the 8 packs are no longer a pound - they're 14 ounces. It's... worrisome that nearly-artificial meat has gotten expensive enough that they're shaving package sizes.

My biggest target, though, was cheeseburgers.

I found Bubba Burgers to be a brand that's okay, so I had a box - 6 1/3rd pound burgers. I also needed onion and pickle (which were easy to get), hamburger rolls (20 net grams carbohydrate - not great, but not bad), and finally, cheese.

Not for me the cheap cheese that's labelled as "pasteurized process cheese food," or worse, "...cheese product." Face it, cheese food should be what you feed to cheese to make it grow big and strong. Cheese product makes me think of the "end product" - what happens to the "cheese food" after it's been eaten by cheeses hoping to grow big and strong.

Nope - I buy the GOOD stuff. Kraft Deli Deluxe - pasteurized process American CHEESE!

Okay, you can legitimately argue that doesn't count as "good stuff" but it's what belongs on a plain cheeseburger such as one might cook on a grill!

The one bad thing about Bubba Burgers is that 2/3rds of a pound is a lot of meat for a double cheeseburger, so I eat them as singles... which, on the plus side, means I get twice as many sandwiches out of a package.

After that - well, it's almost like McDonald's would try to make. Onion, usually a modest full slice that goes on the bottom bun (so the heat of the burger softens it a bit) with some strong mustard on top - though there's an occasional hefty serving of plain French's yellow, instead, for nostalgia. (Also, because French's always comes out of the squeeze bottle, looking at you Guldens, and ESPECIALLY at you, Grey Poupon!)

Pickles on top, and maybe some extra mustard (needed if it's yellow) and some ketchup.

That's a good and proper cheeseburger, and it's nice with a prepared burger - though you can do the job yourself with a good burger press, I never think to do so before I want a burger, which is why I'm glad I found Bubbas to be a decent brand.

One hint I found online that I have come to agree with: don't panic if a frozen burger has a pretty toasty crust on the outside of the meat - that's actually a good thing, it helps keep in a bit of the juice, even when you've cooked the burger long enough to make it safe to eat... something you need to be especially careful with these days.

I suppose that's all for today.

Oh, one other thing: you're not crazy. When a highly placed member of the White House team is found to have, on his own, tried to set up a secret, back-channel communication with Russia on what's officially Russian soil, that really is a big deal.

If you need to do something like that, you engage State or the intelligence community - if only so you have cover when you're asked why you wanted such deeply secure communication with a foreign, unfriendly power.

So: no matter how much it's brushed aside, remember, you're not crazy, it really is as bad as you first thought.
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