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Gad, but it's been a bad several weeks. I've been trying to do a lot of writing for work, and the problem is that I don't know how to do technical writing, quite. But I have learned some tricks of the trade and it's going better, but it's been eating my brain, which means it's also eating all of my free time, as well.

A friend asked me 2-3 weeks ago if I was having a bad day, and I was about to say "no, really, it's pretty good, and then I did a quick assessment and said "I guess most people would call this a really bad day, yes. For me, it's not bad."

I did feel awful - tired, everything was forced (so, I didn't "unload the dishwasher" I "forced myself to unload the dishwasher"), but I had time - I thought "let's get that dishwasher unloaded because I might be having a bad day tomorrow!" and didn't have any problems getting the job done. That's a good day.

On the downside, my hip is hurting like the very blazes; on the plus side, it's hurting because one final group of muscles are stretching and loosening - my leg is rotated to a mostly neutral orientation (and for a while, you'll be able to hang a plumb line on my knee and it won't touch my feet - that will change as my body adjusts) and I've learned of muscles on both sides of the leg that weren't doing their jobs that are now doing so, in some cases reluctantly.

An oddball issue arises from this: whenever I'm expending a lot of effort to make the right muscles work, my jaw tends to tighten up - I have some TMJ and a neck/upper back tension headache to beat the band. That's mostly been worse than the leg pains until the last two-three nights.

For those of you who know my kinks, you might find some humor value in how I kept a long handled paddle next to my bed, so I could grab it and go to town on my butt... I didn't have a golf ball, but the handle was just right for digging into the piriformis and other muscles tensing around my sciatic nerve!

That lasted for two days - yesterday, it was pure-D "you have a heavy leg, and the muscles on the top and side of the hip aren't used to holding it!" That's great - exercise can help engage them properly and strengthen them. And hopefully, without constant pain, I might have more energy. (And even if I don't - less pain is a goodness.)

Other news:
I've perfected my geek-blowoff line. "OKAY! Let's FELLATE this portable popsicle purveyance!"

(there's a common line, at least regionally or in certain circles, "let's blow this popsicle stand!" - the phrasing became much smoother when I decided that "purveyance" would work for "a place where things are purveyed". This may be a small victory, but it's a real one!)

Life is being life. Donald Trump is still President, and Republicans are still supporting him, but my deep hope (and expectation) was that Trump would expose the rot in the system, and now, it seems to be happening. Trump fires the FBI director, pretending it was for behavior that he hadn't cared about for months, but suddenly became Very Important when the Russia investigation pissed him off enough, and enough Republicans and pundits are trying to support the insupportable: claiming that it was a good and proper thing, and there's no reason to question the timing.

This is a Good Thing. The Republicans have learned to be bold - not to apologize, but to throw out "alternative facts" knowing the media will repeat them, and people will hear two stories, and assume good faith on both sides, and figure there's no way to be sure.

Thing is, this is a bit too clear cut. Even if you were to be the boldest of the bold, you can't deny that this looks bad with any veritas, no matter how Sincere and Very Serious you can be.

It's still ugly and embarrassing, but maybe it's embarrassing enough for people to start to realize that "you know what? if someone can reach Hillary Clinton's *assistant* because they made a big donation to the Clinton Foundation, we really shouldn't have said *that* looks bad. Because now we are reminded of what *really* looks bad, and who it was that fed us the 'Hillary looks bad' line."

We can hope.

Be well, all, and be happy to the extent that you can. I'm still out here, meaning there's always one more someone who loves you and wants what's best for you.
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